Tandem lift at a biological waste treatment facility


Our customer asked us to load the 49 tons weight, 35 meters long, 2,75 meters diameter chimney where it was manufactured and erect it in its final location 3 kilometers away. We took the job without having an appropriate rigging plan.


We made a custom rigging plan for the lifting process, supplied lifting and rigging equipment including 3 meters long spreader beam and 500t and 200t mobile cranes.

Cranes used

Synthetic slings could not be used because the friction force could have burnt them

”In total, four 7m-long steel cables, four 10m-long roundslings, two 25t shackles, two 55t shackles and two 85t shackles were combined to complete the lift.”

The tandem lift was the most reliable option. There were alternatives but they were economically and logistically inferion

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