Updated 2019.08.22

Privacy Notice

Valuing your privacy and to ensure your personal data protection, we share comprehensive information what type of your personal data will be used and for what purposes. If you have any questions or want to share any observations, contact us by phone: +370 443 68032 or by email: info@strelelogistics.com

Personal data controller

Strėlė logistics UAB (hereinafter referred to as the Company), code 301843679, address: Montuotojų g. 5, Mažeikiai.

Personal data is collected and processed when you apply for a job vacancy in Strėlė logistics UAB

By applying for our offered job vacancy, you submit your curriculum vitae (CV) and (or) motivational letter. The following personal data is required by us to assess your application:

  1. forename;
  2. surname;
  3. phone number;
  4. email address;
  5. educational background;
  6. documents certifying qualifications;
  7. information about the Candidate’s career (former/present employers, Candidate’s position, type of job, brief description of duties, salary);
  8. other information provided by the Candidate in his/her curriculum vitae or motivational letter or provided by recruitment companies (date of birth, residence address).

You have the right to provide your other personal data in your curriculum vitae and (or) motivational letter – in such event, we will process also additional personal data provided by you and will consider them when assessing your application.

Purposes of personal data processing

Your provided personal data will be processed to assess your application for a job vacancy. Your personal data will be processed on the basis of your request to participate in a competition for a job vacancy.

Transfer of personal data

We may transfer your provided personal data to other companies in our group.

Your personal data may and will be transferred only on the baisis of your consent.

Your data will not be transferred without your consent.

Period of personal data storage

Your personal data will be processed by Strėlė logistics UAB:

  1. When you apply for a job vacancy in Strėlė logistics – no longer than until the end of the selection for a job vacancy.
  2. If you give your consent to your personal data processing, they will be processed until you revoke your consent.

Your rights

You have the following rights:

  1. to request for information about your personal data processed;
  2. to request for correction of your personal data if after getting access to them you believe they are incorrect, incomprehensive or inaccurate;
  3. to request to destroy your personal data and/or stop processing of such personal data, except for storage – in the case, when after familiarising himself/herself with personal data, you discover it to be managed unlawfully or unfairly;
  4. to disagree with processing of your personal data, when such data is processed or intended to be processed for direct marketing purposes or because of unlawful interest pursued by us or a third party, to whom personal data is provided;
  5. to revoke your consent;
  6. to request for your data migration;
  7. to submit a complaint to a supervisory institution.

Exercise of rights

You may exercise your rights by providing us a written notice indicating what action you would like us to take with regard to your data. You may submit your notice in any manner convenient to you through the contacts below, provided that you can be identified from such a request and the documents accompanying it.

E-mail: info@strelelogistics.com

Phone: +370 443 68032

At Strėlė logistics UAB office address Montuotojų g. 5, Mažeikiai.